Saturday, July 30, 2011

Christian Suspense Fiction

I love it when I read an author's work and it makes me want to write like them. Essentially, I want to write the way these guys do. Well, I discovered a new author a week ago - Sibella Giorello. She writes Christian Suspense fiction and even though I can't write suspense/crime fiction, this woman knows how to paint scenes with her words!

So stay tuned for reviews on her work!

Sibella Giorello

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Book Review List

I just wanted to bring to your attention our Book Review List (permanent link found above, under the Book Review Sisters header).  On this page we keep an updated list of all the book reviews we've done.  It's listed alphabetically by author's surname.  At present there are 14 reviews, which I think is pretty good going since this blog started just 2 months ago.

Book Review: The Schoolmaster's Bride by Meredith Resce.

Available @
Australian author Meredith Resce has crafted a wonderful story set in small town Australia.

Dianne Pierceson, newly widowed and desperate for work arrives in the small town of Carlton as the new schoolteacher.

Her new employer, the stern and angry Richard Schrouder appears to be hiding something. The town gossip surrounding him does little to ease Dianne’s suspicions. However with no place to go, Dianne must find a way to uncover the dark secret that surrounds her handsome employer.

The Schoolmaster’s Bride is a touching, funny and enjoyable read. Meredith Resce has written lively characters and given her readers a mystery worth solving.

I found myself really loving the main character Dianne Pierceson. She makes for a wonderful heroine. She is strong, determined, compassionate, curious and likeable. I love the way she stands up to her boss, even when afraid or unsure, she holds her ground.

The evolution of Richard Schrouder from an angry, guilt ridden man to a man finally set free and at peace with himself is lovely to read. His silence speaks volumes as he learns to express his thoughts and deal with his tragic past.

The novel is well paced and introduces the reader to some lovely secondary characters. The story takes a few twists and turns along the way and this only brings more depth to the overall novel. Meredith Resce has created a woman of strength, devotion and compassion and has given us a leading man, though tortured by his past actions, finds true healing and peace.
This is a great read by a great Aussie author.

Book Review: Apollyon (Left Behind Series, Book 5) by Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

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& Amazon

"Apollyon" sees the tone of the Left Behind Series darkening as the wrath of God continues to pour out onto the world.  We say goodbye to more members of the Tribulation Force, and death and suffering are rife throughout the world.  It has come to the point now where no one can really deny the existence of God.  Each and every individual left on the earth has only thing to do: make the decision to accept and follow God, or not.

The series thus far has seen many people come to accept God and follow him, but I'm "happy" to report that not everyone is so ready to do so.  And in spite of the glaringly obvious fulfillment of prophesies happening around them, several characters continue to fight against God and are unwilling to surrender.  This maintains integrity in the series since that is what you expect in the nature of man.

The energy and bravado of the Tribulation Force is waning as they witness the continued loss and destruction of the world around them.  They know even darker times are ahead, and the time in which they will be openly persecuted against is rapidly drawing near.  It's all about survival now, and their only motivation for enduring the last years of the Tribulation is to witness the Glorious Appearing when Jesus returns again.

There is a slightly science fiction feel to this 5th book of the Left Behind Series as more of the events are clearly supernatural.  I strongly empathise with the main characters in their loss and plight for survival. I'm still very much enjoying the series, have no thoughts of stopping at this point in time!

Left Behind Series Website

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

July Feature Author: Denise Hunter

Our very first feature author is Christian romance fiction author, Denise Hunter.

About Denise Hunter

Denise Hunter began writing more than fourteen years ago. She wrote her first book while her children napped. This book was published two years later and she has continued writing ever since.

Denise Hunter’s books most often contain a compelling romance, where readers are taken into the world of the couple and get to experience the highs and lows of the relationship. The love the main character experience’s is often unconditional and this is what drives the novel forward. This unconditional love also serves as an allergy of Christ’s love for his people, highlighting that faults and all Christ sees all that we are, loves us still and sees all that we can be and pushes us to greater heights.

This allegorical aspect of Denise Hunter’s novels is what I love the most. The way she weaves Christ’s love throughout the novels without evening mentioning him is amazing. The romance between the principal characters is strong and believable yet firmly rooted in romance wonderland. I generally like all the characters and am always rooting for them to figure things out and live happily ever after – which they usually do! - Jess.

Denise Hunter's Books We Recommend

Haven't read one of Denise's books before? Take a look at these favourites of ours:

Sweetwater Gap (Women of Faith Fiction)
Sweet Water Gap
Josie has been running for years. She soon discovers that she can’t outrun her past or Grady McKenzie.

The Convenient Groom (A Nantucket Love Story)The Convenient Groom
Lucas might have been a convenient groom for Kate, but he’s proving to be an unexpected complication.

A Cowboy's Touch (A Big Sky Romance)
A Cowboy’s Touch
Abigail needs a break, her mother’s magazine needs a break. Wade needs a nanny. Abigail can solve all these problems in Moose Creek, Montana, but at what cost?

Denise Hunter Books that Book Review Sisters have reviewed:

Denise Hunter's Links:

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Denise Hunter's Published Book List

Big Sky Series
A Cowboy's Touch (April 2011)

Australian readers:
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Women of Faith Books
Sweetwater Gap (Dec 2008)

Australian readers:
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Nantucket Series
Surrender Bay (2007)The Convenient Groom (2008)

Australian readers:

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Australian readers:

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Seaside LettersDriftwood Lane

Australian readers:

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Australian readers:

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New Heights Series
Mending Places (2004)Saving Grace (2005)

Australian readers:

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Australian readers:

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Finding Faith (2006)

Australian readers:

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Kansas Brides (2004)

Contains 4 novellas:
  • Stranger's Bride
  • Never a Bride
  • Bittersweet Bride
  • His Brother's Bride

Australian readers:

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  • Reunions (2000)
  • Aloha (2002)
  • Blind Dates (2003)