Sunday, September 4, 2011

Monday Morning Musings: A Tribute to our Book Loving Dad

It was Father's Day in Australia yesterday.  So I was wondering over the weekend about the Monday Morning Musings (MMM) post and I thought in light of this fact, why not share about our dad and his favourite books?

War Diaries of Weary Dunlop: Java and the Burma - Thailand Railway 1942-1945Our dad loved books.  In particular he loved true stories and biographies, particularly those about war and politics.  He also enjoyed true stories about Christians.  It was always a pretty easy task buying him presents for Father's Day, or his birthday and Christmas. 

The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and CuddlepieWhen we were kids, dad used to read to us "The Complete Adventures of Snuggle Pot & Cuddle Pie" by May Gibbs.  It must be an Australian thing - a kind of rite of passage.  Our Grandma used to read it to our dad when he was a kid too. 

The Three MusketeersDad used to longingly speak about his collection of books that he used to have before his big move from one side of the country to the other.  He mentioned having beautiful hardbacks of classics such as "The Three Musketeers".  I also remember him mentioning a book series called "Biggles".  I had completely forgotten the name until recently when I was browsing a friends rather large book collection and found a whole shelf of them!

Dad also enjoyed the war spy novels by Alistair MacLean.  Jess, on his recommendation, bought a couple of these books and found she really liked them - so much so she's read them multiple times.

Dad could often be found with his head buried in the Atlas or a volume of our Britannica Encyclopedias.  He was always looking up a place, person or event he'd just seen or heard about.  He would be looking for more information, for clarification, or to see exactly where on the map it was.  It wasn't enough to "wonder" about something - he'd always say to us, "Let's look it up!"

More often than not though, dad could be found with his Bible open, pouring over it and surrounded by his study notes.  That's the best rememberance I have of my dad and books.

Happy Father's day Dad! Always missing you.


  1. Sounds like your Dad had very good taste in books! Did you know the Biggles books are now collectors' items? My Dad too loved books and my earliest memories are of his reading to us all "The Three Midshipman" but then stopping at a thrilling bit and hiding the book so the older ones who could read didn't find it and keep reading until we could all enjoy it! A wonderful legacy to have a Dad who loved books - especailly like my dear Dad's rather tattered, well-used Bible. He died when I was sixteen and so those memories are especially precious on Father's Day. Now, as my dear husband shares on his post on our blog, it is a Grandad's privilege to read to the next generation!

  2. I didn't know that about the Biggles books, but I'm not surprised. I had no idea there were so many until I looked them up recently.

    It's a shame our dad wasn't around to read to our kids, and we didn't have a grandpa around to read to us. Your husband - and your grandkids, are very blessed :)