Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Morning Musings: Aussies and Ebooks Survey - Win a $15 voucher!

Morning all! Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend, and particularly our American friends - hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends.

You'll have to excuse that this is going to be a short post. I cut my finger with a knife on the weekend and had some stitches, so I'm not able to type very well!

Christmas is coming up, and it's got me thinking about presents. Which has me thinking about Kindles ... hmmm ... yes, I'm still undecided on the matter. But I'm starting to think that I would like one. I'm torn because I just have to have my books in print as well. I need to see them sitting on my bookshelf! But the lure of the convenience of having lots of books so easily at my disposal is getting stronger. And I do like the benefit of being able to read at night without switching the light on :)

Can I have both please?? I would gladly pay for the more expensive print copy if it came with an electronic version as well!

Ok, what I want to know today is directed as Aussies. The Kindle has only been available out here for a few months. I have a survey below which asks some questions regarding your use of ebook readers. All survey participants will go into the draw to win a $15 voucher for use at Fishpond, an Australian discount book/movie/music seller. Great for buying Christmas presents! And delivery is free in Australia :)


  1. When you have results of your survey, I'd really like to know what they are. As a writer/publisher in Australia, we are always fighting the issues of cost in print, and I'd really like to know how many Aussie readers are still going to buy the paperback no matter what!

  2. yes, please post the results, that would be very interesting.

  3. Yes absolutely, we'll post the results!

  4. On the kindle to read with out a light you will need to buy a cover for the kindle with a light attached otherwise you wont be able to read in the dark. That was one thing I found when I got mine. Also if you have a wireless network at home you dont need the 3g kindle the one with wifi is fine and cheaper. thats what I have. You need a 4th option for the buying books as I still by print books but am buying some ebooks now. I still like books but like the option of ebooks for books we cant get here.

  5. I've been reading ebooks on an ipod touch, which is fine, but a Kindle would be so much better! Have been looking at the Kindle Keyboard (currently on special for $219 from BigW) and really like it, main reason being that it has a text to voice option, which turns ebooks into audio books! I've tried it and it's surprisingly good. Great while driving or walking. Only drawback is that some books don't allow this option due to their DRM settings, but plenty do. This feature might help your decision, Helen :)

  6. Margaret, yes the voice to text option! I've wondered about that. I thought that might be fab whilst I'm preparing and cooking dinner :) I think that does help my decision, thanks! I just need the money now ... lol

    Jenny so true about the ebooks getting us access to those books we can't get here. I do like those freebies and cheap ebooks, but prefer the print copy when the price of that and the ebook isn't much difference. I am SO glad you told me about needing the light attachment!

  7. As I mentioned there is the option of the Wifi version which is about $160 and as long as you have a wireless net work at home. this verson is just as good. Its what I have it just means if I decided to buy a book say in Melbourne I cant go looking on my kindle but I think htere is a charge with the 3g network. I find I have so many on the kindle I dont need to go looking for more when I am away. Just wanted to alert others to the other choice they are plugging the dearer one but you can save on the cheaper one which is less than having it shipped from america.