Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Morning Musings: Musings for a New Year!

Wow, it's 2012! Another year gone, another fresh start.  Yes I know, it's so utterly original, but I am dedicating the first MMM of the year to New Year's Resolutions.

I'm a goal driven kind of person, so New Years is the perfect time for me to take stock of what I'm doing and plan what I'd like to do.  Surprisingly though, I usually don't make new years resolutions.  I haven't for a good number of years now.  That is about to change :)

Right now, being a stay at home mum with very young kids, I feel like I am not able to move forward much in my writing pursuits.   But I have realised I can set a couple of small, manageable goals which are actually quite important steps that need to be taken in my quest to completing that first novel.  Here's what I'm aiming to do:
  • Take a creative writing workshop
  • Read 3 books regarding the writing craft
  • Rewrite my beginning and have a polished 1st five chapters
  • Write a synopsis
That's it.  Hopefully that is entirely reasonable and achievable. If I complete anything further to this I will consider it a bonus!

Otherwise, I have decided on three other resolutions that relate to the common themes for new years regarding health, money and spirit:
  • Lose 5kgs and reconstruct some tummy muscles! (who knew two pregnancies would obliterate those obliques so thoroughly?!)
  • Financial lockdown ... no extraneous purchases.  This means a crack down on book purchases too, I'm afraid :(
  • Memorise a new bible verse every month.

What sort of goals & resolutions do you have for 2012?


  1. Happy New Year, Helen and Jess! Great resolutions! It's a juggling act to write with small kids hanging onto your skirts, and I applaud you for putting family first. I can relate, having a 16 month old. Most of the time, my more reliable times to write are naptime, and after bedtime. ;-)

  2. Happy New Year, my first goal is to lose the 5+Kilos I put on in the last week and a half of 2011! lost 2 k of them but I was shocked to gain so much in 9 weeks.

  3. Oh my gosh Jenny, I can totally identify. In the 6 weeks before Christmas, I literally did not care what I ate. It really shows!

    So I too have started a exercise programme and generally just eating better with lesser portions!

    Happy New Year!! :)

  4. Gwendolyn ... yep, the only time for writing is when the kids are asleep! It's been made harder for me this year by my eldest daughter dropping her daytime naps. And if I can't get them both asleep by 8pm (too often it's 9pm!), I'm too exhausted to write in the evening. But that's why I figure I can keep plugging away with other things in the meantime :)