Friday, April 27, 2012

Our First Year's Most Popular Posts

Over the next few weeks for our birthday celebrations, we're going to bring you our Friday Fives.  Today we will look at our Top 5 Most Popular Posts for our first year of blogging.  The results are quite surprising.  Let's take a look:

328 Hits - Book Review: The Maid of Fairbourne Hall by Julie Klassen

I think this is a testimony to the popularity of Julie Klassen.  This post is the newest of the top 5, but it's been very much sought after!

320 Hits - Monday Morning Musings: Peaceful Phlegmatic and the Popular Sanguine

Perhaps the popularity of this post is due to the hilarious anecdotes about our own resident sanguine, Jess :)

205 Hits - Monday Morning Musings: Don't Judge a Book by its Cover

Helen writes about Gen Y's and their prejudice for great looking book covers.

177 Hits - Guest Post: By Martin King #100blogfest is here!

This was an interesting endeavour by author Martin King, of which we had the privilege of being included.  Martin wrote 100 blogs in 1 month!

169 Hits - Monday Morning Musings: Aussies and Ebooks Survey - Win a $15 voucher!

Last November we ran a short survey to see how Aussies are taking to ebooks.

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