Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Book Review: The Mother Road by Jennifer AlLee

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The Mother Road by Jennifer AlLee
Abingdon Press, 01 April 2012

It's unusual for me to read women's fiction - since I'm a romance-devotee.  But when I heard about an inspirational fiction book in which the heroine is a marriage expert who's own marriage ends in divorce, I was intrigued!

The book isn't solely focused on the divorce aspect.  Turns out Natalie has other family issues to deal with.  She's enstranged from her younger sister, Lindsay, and their dad is calling them home to see their mother who has Alzheimers.  The two sisters, practically strangers,  reluctantly embark on a road trip home together via Route 66.  Along the way they have to deal with their differences - and Lindsay's stalking ex-boyfriend.

The Mother Road is a journey of discovery in more ways than one.  Natalie has to come to terms with her post-marriage life, Natalie and Lindsay have a chance to put their differences aside and get to know each other for real, and everyone has to work together to cope with their mother's progressive deterioration.

Natalie grapples with her own miss-judgements and shortcomings - and has to face the effect of her divorce on her career.  She has to repair her relationship with her sister and her parents.

I enjoyed this book.  The Mother Road is full of unique, yet real, characters.  It tackles some tough issues usually avoided inspirational fiction, and this was quite refreshing.  Natalie's road trip with her sister along Route 66 is an entertaining journey, tying the story together.   The end leaves you with a sense of satisfaction and a smile on your face.


  1. I have this book on kindle. I read Jennifer's first book and love it. This sounds good.

  2. Thanks for the comments. They are appreciated. This book is in my TBR on my Nook. The Route 66 sign really drew me. Since discovering your blog I use you as a reference for books.

  3. Mary, we're so honoured that you visit us regularly! Thank you for your great compliment, it means a lot for us to know that we are aiding you with your book selections. God Bless!