Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday's with Jess: Craving God

This image shows my struggle over the past few days
So I'm really starting to see a difference in my weight now, even in my energy levels and I'm sleeping better since exercising regularly and eating well. A few days ago though, I noticed a shift in my mental thinking. It was subtle and a little troubling. I started to think I could indulge again in some foods (not much indulging by the way - a spoonful here and there) since I'm seeing such a difference. I know me and I know a spoonful here and there can very easily lead to a bowl full often! I hadn't yet indulged my shift in thinking but I knew I was coming close.

So God chose to meet me in a way he'd know for sure I would hear him. I sat down to read the second book of Susan May Warren's Noble Legacy: Taming Rafe and the Bible verse Susan had chosen for the book was this:

“Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear. For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.”
Philippians 2: 12B-13

Instantly I knew God was reminding me by his promise that He IS working in me and he will give me the power to do what pleases HIM. Since then I've had a couple of days where my food intake wasn't too great by my new standards, but I've noticed that I'm quicker to forgive myself and to accept God's forgiveness. The shift in thinking is not as strong and God is working in me to persevere with him, trust in him and know that he is strengthening me to do what pleases him by being obedient to him and by living his his grace!

Jess' favourite genre is contemporary women's fiction and contemporary romance fiction. She also enjoys historical fiction with a focus on romance. She loves books set in country towns or farms with a cowboy featured in either historical or contemporary settings.

She is currently writing her first novel, a contemporary women's fiction/romance set in a small country town.


  1. Thats sweet and so very true...He does give Holy Spirit power to those of us who practise obedience to Him in love. Learning to say no to temptation and yes to God...quickly....is a rich blessing and gets easier by & by. Good for you...sharing this has encouraged me also. I'm always 8 pounds away from my goal weight, but giving in to food defeats me always. Summer is good though...lots of fruit and I love pork & beans to snack on. Now thats not easy to overeat on!!! Good but....

  2. Hi Maggie Ann, thanks for dropping by and commenting! Awesome!

    I'm so glad you were encouraged by this. I'm beginning to understand that the more we share our struggles and band together we can support each other. Christ meant for us to be in community with each other as he knows nothing can be achieved on our own to a lasting purpose. Lets encourage each other in not just weight loss but in everything! :)

    Thanks again for your thoughts! :D