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Feature Author: Rose Dee - Interview, Giveaway and New Book Cover!

Our feature author today is Australian Christian contemporary author, Rose Dee.

Today Rose is giving away a copy of both "Back to Resolution" and "Beyond Resolution".  See the end of this interview for how to enter. 

Thanks so much Rose for joining us on our blog today. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Any hobbies you have?

Well, I live in Mackay, North Queensland. My husband and I run our own business, and have a lively six-year-old son in grade one at school, and not to forget Noodle the dog (canine son). So far as hobbies go – I wish I had more time for them. Between being a wife and mother, working, and writing, hobbies are a dream of the future.

(Helen: I've been up the Mackay way a couple of times, it's a beautiful area!)

Please tell us about the inspiration behind your Resolution series which is set in tropical north Qld. Is Resolution Island a real place?

Resolution Island isn’t a real place, but it is a combination of places. The Palm group of islands sat across the water from my home town of Forrest Beach, so there is a bit of those islands in the Resolution setting. Hinchinbrook Island is definitely a part of the Resolution landscape. Also the islands off the coast of Mackay; St Bees and Newry Island are definitely a part of Resolution. There is still one of the original stone cabins standing on Newry Island, but no resorts unfortunately - wonderful to visit and camp though.

The third book in the series, A New Resolution, comes out in November. Can you please tell us a bit about it?

The third book really takes everything back to the island. We get to revisit the characters in ‘Back to Resolution’ and ‘Beyond Resolution’. There is a lot of activity in the ocean and creeks, a mystery, a death, and a lot of drama. It’s so much fun. (See below for blurb).

How much time do you usually spend on the research element for your books? Do you visit locations and conduct interviews?

I am very lucky, because most of my writing is taken from my own experiences. But there are certainly elements of research. My main female character in ‘A New Resolution’ has a Torres Strait Islander heritage, so I had some research to do there with certain elements of the culture. I wasn’t able to visit the Torres Straits, but I did have help from a representative of that community here in Mackay, as well as research online and talking to those who have lived there. It is a wonderfully rich culture.

What books did you read as a teenager?

Everything from Archie comics (Betty and Veronica were my favourite) to teen romance series, and in later teenage years Jane Eyre and Pride and Prejudice. I also did a lot of drama, so I read Shakespeare and Poetry. I would go from one extreme to the other – classic literature to pop culture. I loved it all.

Whose writing do you admire?

I love the storylines and literary worth of classic writers – the Bronte’s and Jane Austen. But to be a bit more current, our Aussie writers are awesome. Amanda Deed had me up until 1am, and I will often re-read some of Paula Vince’s work just because it is wonderfully poetic and quite beautiful. Meredith Resce had me wanting to jump into the book and strangle one of her characters. All four of us have recently collaborated on a writing project. ‘The Greenfield Legacy’ is due for release in November this year. It was so much fun to write together, and I love the story we have produced.

When you get writers block, what do you do to try and get out of it?

Thankfully I have not experienced writer’s block. My problem is too much creativity. I’m an ideas person – so I have potential stories and various plot lines continually running rampant in my head. Some are good, and some are not so good. I have to commit to sifting them out on a regular basis.

If you could be any fictional book character for a day, who would you be, and why?

I have so many wonderful blessings in my life – so I am very thankful for who I am. But I must admit that there are times when I think about Bay in ‘Back to Resolution’ sitting on a beach looking out to sea, or taking picturesque Island shots through the lens of her camera. That’s definitely my sort of scene. And I could do with an island holiday.

What's your favourite thing about being Australian?

I can’t pick just one thing. I am unashamedly patriotic. I love my country, our heritage and our culture. I love our larrikin nature and our ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude to life. I love that my father could fix anything with a piece of guinea grass, or a bit of chewing gum. Or that my husband accurately predicts the weather by looking at the sky, and knows the exact moment the tide changes – even if he isn’t anywhere near the ocean. I’ve lived on the coast; on the sea; in the bush; in the west, south and north; in the city; and in rural towns, and there is one thing I know for sure – Australia is awesome.

(Helen: I agree whole heartedly - Australia is definitely awesome!)

Connect With Rose

Rose also contributes at Christian Writers Downunder

A New Resolution - Blurb & Cover Debut!

We're thrilled to be hosting the debut of the cover of the third and final  book in the Resolution Series - A New Resolution. 

Resolution Island is a safe haven for Anika Demeur. A chance to fulfill dreams, find her place in the world, and a new life for her and young son, Kye. But her dreams of a future are shattered when her son’s security is challenged, and the rich and privileged Texan, Nate Hollingsworth sails into the bay. Now Ani must not only fight for her son, but also a growing attraction she has to the one type of man she loathes.

Nate is on a mission – to fulfill his mother’s last wish, and change his life. Dropping anchor in the idyllic Resolution harbor, he didn’t anticipate becoming involved in illegal fishing, a murder, or an unexpected attraction to the most exasperating woman he has ever met.
The Australian tropical Island, Resolution, sets the scene again for adventures, dreams, and new beginnings.  

A New Resolution is the final book in the Resolution trilogy, following Back to Resolution and Beyond Resolution.

Book Giveaway!

Rose is giving away TWO books today - Back to Resolution, the first book of the series, and Beyond Resolution, the second book. On the entry form below please indicate which book you would like to win.

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Entries close 12pm Tuesday 17th July 2012, Australian Eastern Standard Time

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Helen's favourite genre is historical fiction with a strong romantic element.  She also enjoys contemporary romance, chick-lit and YA.  She's not caught up in the spell of fantasy fiction, despite The Faraway Tree series being a strong influence in her childhood.

Helen is currently working on her first book, a Christian young adult novel set between two opposite but equally fascinating places in Australia.


  1. That cover is beautiful and has really drawn me in. Along with the description, I can't wait to get my hands on that book. I haven't filled out the comp entry form because I already have, and thoroughly enjoyed, the first two of this series.
    Very exciting :)

    1. Hi Paula! Yes I like the cover too ... it's my favourite in the Resolution series :)

    2. Hi Paula, I think this cover may be my favourite - but then I always say that when a new one comes out. Thank you for you support. xxoo

  2. Thanks for this interview and the opportunity to win her book. I LOVE the new cover. Exciting that we also have her and 7 other Australian authors at The Book Club Network this month giving out ebooks Rose Dee is one of the authors. I didn't interview her so your interview is most interesting. Paula Vince is another author we are featuring. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of her books!

    I appreciate what you do. Thanks for the opportunity

    1. Hi Nora! So pleased to see you here :) We're excited about all the Aussie authors and their giveaways on The Book Club Network this month. It's so great of you to organise it!

    2. Hi Nora. Very much looking forward to The Book Club Network promotion. What a great blessing it is for us Aussie authors to have the support of sites such as yours and the sister's here. Thank you for checking out this interview and taking the time to comment.

  3. Hi, I really appreciate the opportunity to meet and find out about authors I have yet to discover... and especially Australian authors as my list of favorite authors so far is rather unpatriotic! :) So thank you for this interview and the chance to win a book by Rose Dee which by the way, sounds completely intriguing!

    1. Noela, I think the Aussie Christian fiction market is growing, so I expect more Aussie authors will make their way onto your favourite authors list over time!

      Thanks for coming by, it's always good to see you here :)

    2. HI Noela, Thank you for taking the time to read. Our Aussie industry is growing and starting to get noticed - which is wonderful.

  4. I've not read any of Rose's books and I'm so glad I hopped over here today! I'm a historical fiction junkie but have recently come into a season in which I'm DEVOURING contemporary fiction so am always looking for good stuff. This sounds wonderful!

    1. Hi Becky! I tend to be drawn to historical fiction more too. But I find once I start reading contemporary fiction, I tend to stay with it for a while! I find it's like changing gears, a little clunky at first, but once you settle in you cruise along quite nicely :)

    2. Hi Becky, I absolutely love historic fiction, so it has always been a bit of a surprise to me to be writing contemporary. I think I just decided to write what I knew and what I loved. This just happened to fall into the contemporary category. I think at the heart of everything I read is romance. If it's a good romance (with a bit of drama and mystery) I'm happy.

  5. Hi Rose! Hi Helen! A lovely interview and some interesting books. :) I'm looking forward to reading both books. :)