Friday, June 13, 2014

Book Review: A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin

A Distant Melody by Sarah Sundin
Revell, 01 March 2010

A Distant Melody was Sarah's debut novel, and the first in the Wings of Glory trilogy about three brothers. 

I wasn't sure what I felt like reading the other day as I scanned my bookshelf.  But then I saw I hadn't yet read this book, I decided now was the time. And I was totally hooked within the first two chapters.

In this first book we meet Walt Novak, the youngest brother, as he finishes his flight training and is posted to England.  But before leaving for his posting, he spends a week in his home town of Antioch where he meets Allie and life is never the same again.

Allie is trapped by her parents' plans and under pressure due to societal expectations.  Her week spent in Antioch for a friend's wedding is an unexpected breath of fresh air and returning home a dismal prospect.

Allie and Walt are ordinary people, but Sarah has brought them to life and made them extremely likeable and endearing.  It's so easy to identify with their insecurities and get emotionally involved with their plights.  And with a war back drop and the inevitable tragedies that follow, I was in tears on more than on occasion.

Both characters are forced into difficult situations and have to make gusty decisions.  This adds to the authenticity of the story.  There is a delightfully real, but happy, ending for the characters.

I loved this book.  This is my third Sarah Sundin book and I have to say, she's now officially one of my favourite authors.  And she has totally sold me on WWII fiction!

If you haven't already tried Sarah's books, give this one a go - particularly since right now, it's FREE for Kindle. Please check price before downloading!

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Helen is currently working on her first book, a Christian young adult novel set between two opposite but equally fascinating places in Australia.


  1. Boy, you are spot on with your critique of this book. I love her writing style and character development. I wasn't really a WWII genre fan until I read her books. I have read all of Sarah Sundin's books and can't wait for another to come out. Also, she is great about recommending other author's WWII work on her web site. It's a great source of new authors.

    1. Hi Mary! So glad you agreed with my review :) I hadn't read WWII fiction until Sarah's either. The first I read was With Every Letter - can't wait for the third book in that series, won't be long now!

      Thanks for coming by and commenting :)