About Helen

I'm the quieter sister, the one more skewed towards introvert-ism. Yes, this means I like to be at home a lot. But I also love and crave adventure. I'm not talking about extravagant, hair-raising adventures. I like the kind of adventures that you can weave into the everyday - like taking a different road, going someplace new even if it's only half an hour away, or getting up at 3am to watch a meteor shower. I'm drawn to things that enable me to experience more of God's beautiful creation, which in turn, draws me closer to Him.

I'm obviously a reader, or I wouldn't be on a book review blog! But I'm not the kind of reader that will read anything and everything. I'm very fussy. I want to read quality books that entertain me. My favourite genre is Christian romance - contemporary or historical. I also love clean, or sweet, romance that aren't necessarily Christian ... but I'm really struggling to find ones that have the emotional depth that I love about Christian romances.

I started reviewing books as a way to keep my brain alive and active while I was at home with a feisty-terrible-twos and a sleep-is-optional baby. Reading was my escape and I wanted to share with others the great books that I'd come across. And it was an activity that Jess and I could do together - since she also loved reading and was at home with a baby.

Having the time to read again was wonderful, and it reawakened my creative longings. As a kid, I'd always wanted to write. I had planned and started writing an entire book series when I was 10.

Nearly 5 years on and that sleep-challenged baby is about to start kindergarten. Along the way - and through this blog - God has shown me a new path for my life. One that appears to be in the opposite direction to my pre-mum occupation as an IT professional.

As a result, I have spent the last 3 years studying, practicing and preparing to be a full time book editor. It's not an occupation I'd ever thought of before, but thankfully, God had :) And he knew I'd love it. Isn't He awesome?

My editing website is up and running, and I'm looking forward to diving into my new career in 2016!