About Jess

Confessions of a book junkie...

I have memories of my early and late teen years of reading books well into the night. It wasn't unusual for my dad to softly call through the door at 3am and tell me to turn the light off. Obediently I did, until I knew he was back in bed and the light was straight back on again. I wouldn't put it down until I had finished the last word.

More than ten years later, things haven't changed that much. Only this time I tend to binge on books. It's quite common for me to read in a period of a month 7 - 9 books. Most often they are started and finished within 48 hours, with several being read well into the night. Now I have my husband telling me to turn the light off!

One of the consequences of being a book junkie is that I suffer from reading overdoses. I stop reading for a few weeks until my body can cope again - and the cycle continues.

I'm not a very meticulous person, I don't file things away well, I don't tidy my house as often as I should and I'm forever searching for my keys, phone, sunglasses and purse. However I keep my bookshelf organized by genre and then alphabetically by author's last name. I also keep a continuous list of all the books I have read since November 1998. I record the title, author, date started and finished and rating. Reread books are not included.

Besides a good book, my time is taken up by my 1 year old daughter, visiting with friends, cooking - in particular baking cakes and cookies, listening to music and writing my first novel. I have always loved stories and if you ask my sister she will tell you that I have a melodramatic streak running through me. Which is true and this streak has fueled much of my creativity. It wasn't until university, when I was studying to be an English teacher that I discovered the utter joy of saturating myself with other writers. My love of writing was rediscovered there and put back on the shelf again while I worked as a High School Scripture teacher. When I became a mum for the first time I discovered I had pockets of time and a desire to reignite the writing dream.

So with that, I give you my thoughts about the books I'm reading and maybe even my writing...